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SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
24 detecting zones.
7 Inch LCD Screen
high sensitivity
IP55 Waterproof
Black Hawk GR-100 Mini long range detector
GR-100 mini model can detect 30m in depth, very portable, and easy to operate
MD7202M Hand held metal detector
New model, can adjust the sensitivity by the button on handset
AKS long range diamond detector with 6 antennas
with 6 antennas.
Super powerful
can detect 20m in depth
Super high sensitivity hand held metal detector MD611
Inspection manual metal detector, is designed to detect and accurately locate metal objects on the human body, in luggage and correspondence
Yellow GPointer pinpointing metal detector
Audio mode, Vibration” or “beep” mode, Audio plus vibration mode
12khz frequency