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Feature of metal detector

Writer£ºadmin    Postdate£º2013-5-8 2:25:14    Word£º¡¾big¡¿¡¾middle¡¿¡¾small¡¿
The new security door we improved is different from other wood security door and glass fibre reinforced plastic security door. It's made of aluminium alloy frame, ABS and PVC inside. It has the prominet features of high fireproof, corrosion prevention and stability. It uses infrared ray cutting which contains the electromagnetic. Our security woods will check the person passing and alarm which pass with cutters, such as dagger, knifves and so on. It is special for the entrance of the entertainment places and other specifically places. It's better to install the door 5cm higher than the floor and withour huge metal things in one square meter. Avoid of the obstruction of the outer metals, the accuracy of the security doors will be improved. The sensitivity of our security door is also adjustable to get the best checking effect.
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