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Super high sensitivity hand held metal detector MD611
Inspection manual metal detector, is designed to detect and accurately locate metal objects on the human body, in luggage and correspondence
MD7202M Hand held metal detector
New model, can adjust the sensitivity by the button on handset
BM 612 Uniform sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detectors
Uniform sensitivity Hand Held super wand Metal Detectors
MD3003b1 hand held  Super Scanner
1.high performance.
2.can meet the exact requirements of the security industry.
3.reasonable price.
GP008 Handheld metal detector
(1) Power: 9V (6F22) standard or rechargeable battery (*Optional)
(2) Frequency: 35KHz
(3) Voltage: 9V (6F22)
(4) Weight: 225G (without battery)
(5) Size: 40(L) ×8(W) × 4(H)cm
(6) Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Super Wand 1165800
Super Wand 1165800 model is designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas,like schools, courtrooms,correctionsfacilities, sports events, businesses,night clubs, bars and other public areas and events.