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MD7202M Hand held metal detector
  • MD7202M Hand held metal detector
  • MD7202M Hand held metal detector
  • MD7202M Hand held metal detector

MD7202M Hand held metal detector

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MD-7202M ultra high sensitive multi function handheld metal detectors, is a high performance for the security design of metal detector. Compared with the traditional detection area detector: the special design, large detection area, fast scanning speed, high sensitivity. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic once cast, fighting ability, fine craft, light weight and easy to carry .It can detect hidden all kinds of metal objects in the human body, including the pistol, small tool, cutter box, jewelry, electrical components etc. Suit for in the airport, customs, port, bank,building, stadium, prison, hospital, school and other places. The product is used in the large scale integrated circuit, can be equipped with 9V rechargeable battery (optional), low voltage, LED lighting sound alarm and alarm, check illegal goods products ideal for the rare.
MD-7202M type metal detector applications:

1.  airport, station, wharf, electronic factory detection examination;
2.  Customs, public security, frontier defense, Security Department security check;
3.  pharmaceutical, food business system of quality inspection;
4.  important places, sports safety inspection;
5.  noble metal detection, such as gold and silver jewelry factory etc.
MD-7202M metal detector features
1.  super high sensitivity;
2.  simple and convenient to use, no need of adjustment;
3.  human design, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity.
4.  durable, one meter height freely falling body without injury.
5.  light weight, detecting probe area is large, fast detection.
6.  two alarm modes available: LED sound alarm or Vibration alarm.
7.  the sensitivity can be an external adjustment, convenient operation, in order to adapt to the different requirements of detection.
8 . under voltage indication function.
MD-7202M metal detector distance
pin 30-60mm
pistol  180-195mm
 6 inch dagger 160-180mm
20mm diameter steel ball  120mm
one yuan coin   75-100 mm
MD-7202M metal detector technology parameter
dimensions 410mm x 85mm x 45mm
power standard 6F22 9V battery
frequency 27KHz
voltage  9V (6F22)
net weight  350G (without battery)
 the use of temperature -15 -  +55 
 packing 20pcs/carton (10 kg)