JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector
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JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector
  • JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector
  • JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector
  • JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector
  • JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector

JH-8006 USB Hand held metal detector

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Quick Details

If you choose the 9V dry battery power supply, please remove the battery cover clockwise. Install 9V new alkaline battery (6F22·S006P type) on the button of the battery correctly, and pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the battery, then screw the battery cover counterclockwise.

Hand hold the metal detector will switch OFF position dial up, placed in A position, is to switch the audio alarm on, self-inspection after 1 ~ 2 seconds (if self-checking time is too long, please press the Reset button), positive green Ready light flashing instructions (once every three seconds flashing), red lights, signal strength indicator light blue lights dim light first, said in A state of conventional detection sensitivity. When the switch from the OFF position down to three toggle switch, upon the vibration alarm just plug in, the machine is in alarm vibration mode is suitable for use in noisy environments, vibration mode relative to the audio to demanding, in order to extend the battery life, please use the machine in the audio alarm mode.

When detecting area scanning through a known metal target (such as COINS), audio alarms, the positive strength red light is lit up at the same time, the more close to the metal items the more light of red indicator. When detecting large metal objects (eg, a knife), the tone of the voice will be higher, indicating that the light will be brighter, as opposed to the detection of small pieces of metal.


When the switch to V pattern, and when detection area detect metal objects, the vibration motor inside the detector handle will open, then the user will feel your palms in vibration, the front strength indicator light will be issued a red alert at the same time.

Tone identification    

When detecting small metal objects, only changes in audio volume. When a large metal object is detected, the change of Volume and Pitch of the audio tone will be generated

Signal strength discrimination  

The closer a metal object is to the detector, the more light it will show. When detect a large piece of metal, and the more light it will have on compared to the smaller metal.

Reset Function   

Reset” is light touch button switch, With a gentle touch, the reset function will be activated, and then return to the normal waiting detection state after release. Especially in the presence of false alarms. The effect is also significant when the temperature of the detection environment changes rapidly.

Vibration mode  


When the detector is in the extremely noisy environment, or in the case of individual special needs, the machine has vibration mode, as long as the toggle switch is transferred to the V position, the vibration mode can be used.

Low battery voltage indication  


When switch on metal detector (to detect metal objects), green Ready light flashing in a second (normal its flash once every three seconds), it is the instructions for machine lithium battery voltage is "low", please charge the machine. At this time, the function of normal detection of metal can still be maintained, but the detection of strong and weak indicator light can be closed only from the change of alarm tone to distinguish whether there are metal objects. In order to ensure the reliable detection function, it is recommended that the recharge detector immediately, if you can't charge the present state in time can also be used normally about half an hour, after the machine will automatically cut off power supply, then must be connected to external power supply through the micro USB port to wake detector.

Using while charging 

When insufficient battery can use mobile power bank through USB cable for power supply to the machine, this machine can in charge under the condition of normal work. (this feature is used in an emergency situation very practical)

Charging indication  

When the machine runs out of power, we need to charge the machine, which is equipped with a complete charge and discharge protection circuit and LED indicating circuit.

Turn off for charging 


The red Charging light will always be bright, the blue light will go out, the red Charging light will go out after the Charging is completed, and the blue light will always be bright, indicating that the Charging has been completed.

Using while charging  

The red Charging light will always be bright, the blue Charged light will blink normally (two seconds flash), and the red Charging light will go out.

External sensitivity adjustment  

Machines have external type sensitivity adjustment knob, can very good to adapt to different occasions the high-standard requirements for use, clockwise by high sensitivity, counterclockwise to lower sensitivity, when rotating hear kaka says it has turned to the limit, please stop rotating.

Convenient charging  

The machine is built with a large, low-voltage polymer lithium battery, And are equipped with a Micro USB interface can be used directly to Micro USB android 5v charger and charging line on the machine, (note that MAC is used instead of the Micro USB interface so apple data line can't recharge detector) the proliferation of the smart-phone s basically every family has several sets of 5v charger kit, bring detector can charge at any time, avoid the waste of resources. (optional charging set)





When not in use, the metal detector should place the switch in the "OFF" position and keep the metal detector clean and dry. In order to maintain the appearance of neat, can be used wring dry wet cloth scrubbing, but do not use chemical cleanser to clean.