Hand held Metal detector
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TS90 Security hand held super scanner
The TS90 Body Scanner Detects Metal Detector is a powerful easy-grip, hand-held, security screener.
GP008 Handheld metal detector
(1) Power: 9V (6F22) standard or rechargeable battery (*Optional)
(2) Frequency: 35KHz
(3) Voltage: 9V (6F22)
(4) Weight: 225G (without battery)
(5) Size: 40(L) ×8(W) × 4(H)cm
(6) Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Super Wand 1165800
Super Wand 1165800 model is designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas,like schools, courtrooms,correctionsfacilities, sports events, businesses,night clubs, bars and other public areas and events.
MD-3003b1 Super Scanner
1.high performance.
2.can meet the exact requirements of the security industry.
3.reasonable price.
● Nice shape.

Simple and convenient to use.

Adjustable High/Low sensitivity.

Optional audio/vibration LED alarming.

Low cost.

1.high sensivity,can detect very small metal.
2.it can sould clearly in high frequency when detecting big metal.