Hand held Metal detector
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ESH-10 hand held metal detector
Multifunctional Hand held Metal Detector ESH-10, is simple and easy to operate, which can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in human body, including knife, cutter, jewelry, electronic components and so on.
TS80 portable foldable metal detector
Portable Hand Held Security Metal Detector Scanner
TS90 Security hand held super scanner
The TS90 Body Scanner Detects Metal Detector is a powerful easy-grip, hand-held, security screener.
MD-200 security hand held metal detector
1.Simple, Convenient to operate,easy to adjust.
2.high sensitivity.
3.low price.
GC-1001 security inspection metal detector
1.Easy and convenient to operate
2.The manual part makes anti-smoothy design
3.Two sides both alarm with flashing red light when detecting metal articles.
GP-3003b1 handi scan metal detector
1.High sensitivity.
2.low cost
3.simple and convenient to use,no adjustment is required.
4.has audio,light and vibration handoff swich.