Industrial metal detector
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JZQ-8630K Auto conveying metal detector
reasonable structure ,beautiful appearance, highly detection sensitivety and stable behaviors.
JZQ-630Y Balanced type Needle Metal Detector With LCD Screen
LCD Screen.
Japanese 8500 computer analysis system
Magnetic Induction
JZQ-7300 Auto conveying Needle detector
JZQ-7300 is our basic needle detector model
JZQ-8500 Large package needle detector
Needle detector for large package carton
Square tube type double probe needle detector JZQ-9003
Check the broken needle, casual shoes, sports shoes, insoles, uppers, soles, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, embroidery, towel, bath towel, shoes, gloves, toys, crafts, all export check the broken needle textiles
Auto conveying All metal detection machine DLM-508K
Can detect ferrous, non ferrous, designed for food industrial and pharmaceutical industrial use