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Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan
  • Plastic Gold washing pan

Plastic Gold washing pan

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 Gold pan is used for washing and separating the gold from the sand, alluvial, placer gold mine, river sand gold mine. It is portable and small, it is suitable for person and small miner go to the river and field to find the gold ore. It also can be used after gold washing trommel and sluice box. It is really a valuve tool for washing gold ore!



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-Panning alluvial gold


Packing information of alluvial gold panning pan:

Net weight:  1.72kg/piece                                                                                           
Gross weight:  1.72/piece
Packing:  100 pieces/carton
Carton package dimension: 



Diameter 260mmx72mm height


Features of alluvial gold panning pan: 



1. It is in the excellent quality and reasonable price


2. Since we enjoy great supply ability, we can do you OEM order, namely we can accept the large quantity order.


3. When you require freight FORWARDER AGENT, we will offer you the reliable one.


4. The box can maintain all kinds of small items, save a lot of space and it is very convenience for people to find something.


5. It can be used to wash gold


6. In a word, we are ready an every moment to catch your satisfaction.


7. Quick delivery about 15days, according to your quantity and require.


8. Strong enough to repeat use long-cycle life.


Extended rim in Lid for easy opening and handling



Applications of Gold panning



When you pan for gold you are going to want a gold pan Next, you'll want some dirt (with gold in it) to put in your pan. Last, you need some water to do the panning in. To find the gold-bearing dirt check out Where to Pan for Gold or get yourself some Pay Dirt. Pay Dirt is best to practice with at home and you can use a tub to make sure you don't lose anything.


1. Put some dirt in your gold pan, but not too much, start small.


2. Completely lower your pan into a tub of water.


3. Shake your pan in the water to turn your dirt 'soupy'. Don't spill any out yet.


4. Tilt your pan slightly and wash water in and out, dirt should be carried out with the water.


5. After washing out some dirt, level out your pan again and shake it some more.


6. Repeat this process until just the heaviest black sands and gold remain.


7. Swirl water across the black sands and tap the edge of your pan to help separate the gold from sand.