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7.4V GFX7000 Super gold finder Lithium Ion Battery
Fits GPX series metal detectors.
7.4V 68WH
GFX7000 metal detector Special UR-30 Earphone
Earphone FOR GFX7000 and GPX Series gold detector,
100 ohm 6.35mm (1/4") jack.

lower shaft of metal detector
Application FOR GFX7000 Super Gold finder
Fits SD, GP and GPX series metal detectors.
Compatible Metal Detectors
Waterproof search coil for T2 metal detector
T2 11 inch and 15 inch Waterproof search coil
Stereo Headphones for T2 metal detector
Fisher Stereo Headphones
Using headphones improves battery life and allows you to hear subtle changes in the sound more clearly, particularly if searching in a noisy location.