Under car search System
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1.LCD Screen
3.TFT Display in Rod.
Multi-function Search camera
Resolution: 1 / 3 inch
chip: 300thousand pixel
Power Supply: DC12V
automatic infrared night vision function
Screen size: 4 inches
Resolution: 480 * 320 * RGB
Power supply: Built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery
Pine & Wall Inspection System with DVR
1.IMPORTANT: When connecting the camera to the Monitor the power must be off .
2.Screw the camera to the reel cable connect the reel to the Monitor (See Figure 1-B).make sure the camera lens is clean.
Press the switch on the monitor and dvr will work after five seconds.
Under Vehicle Search Mirror V4D
MD-V4D Visual Under vehicle inspection Mirrors is a movable Visual search device ,with movable universal wheel.3.5-inch HD LCD Screen,Easy to operate,Practical.
MD-V3S(with camera)
1.with built-in infrared camera.
2.TFT Display in the rod.