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CS3D Ground metal detector
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CS3D Ground metal detector
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CS3D Ground metal detector

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 CS-3D-based underground metal detector is the application of advanced technology manufacturing products, excellence in the design of the instrument, using high quality imported components. It probing depth, positioning accuracy, resolution, strong, easy to operate, a new era of technology with style.



Metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify hidden metal objects buried in the ground, in addition to its military uses, can also be applied:
  ·  Customs inspection and safety check;
 ·  Interpol police department searched the detection;
  ·  Testing of raw materials, fuel, food metal foreign body;
·  Check mail, and parcel of the metal objects;

    ·  Detecting underground pipes, lines;
    ·  Iron exploration, prospecting, archeology; scrap metal recycling;
   ·  Found treasures of gold and silver buried in the ground and metal artifacts;

CS-3D's unique:

   ·   Old-style metal detectors in use, the most annoying problem is the impact of the ground. As the distance between the probe and the surface changes also followed changes in the instrument signal, if the probe is swept uneven ground, the change is even greater, the operator seemed everywhere to hear the sound signal, figure out where the real buried metal .


  · This phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction." Resulting in "mineralization reaction" is due to a variety of soil minerals constitute the instrument signal, the complex structure of the soil local "mineralization reaction" very strong, it causes the signal is even larger than the metal signal, then operation staff it is difficult to determine where in the end is a signal buried metal or "mineralization reaction."


  ·  CS-3D instrument equipped with balanced lines, to remove all "mineralization reaction" effect only when the probe encounters the metal signal, thus greatly improving the detection of depth and accuracy.



Main technical parameters:
Maximum depth: 3 m
Operation mode: balance / identification
Transmit signal frequency: 6.89 ± 0.2KHZ
Audio Signal Frequency: 455 ± 10HZ
Power: 1.2KW Power supply: DC12V