Ground metal detector
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KTY Pulse Induction metal detector
Pulse induction metal detector
5-10 m detecting depth
GFX7000 Pulse induction gold detector
Same function as GPX5000
MPS,DVT&SETA Technology
Frequency/Transmission:Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
FS2 Gold prospecting metal detector
11 inch DD Waterproof coil
19kHz Operating Frequency
MD-5008 Underground metal detector
1.Good detection depth (3m based on the target is USD 25 cent).
2.Strong Pinpointing performance.
3.Easy Operation.
Gold Finder T2 Ground gold detector
Super sensitivity
large,easy to read LCD Screen
Thunderbolt II ground metal detector
1.5 m detecting depth,siginal frequency is 7.2khz