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The SF-200 Walk Through Metal Detector has six indepedent detection zones with LED display panel.It can be used in the factory,prison,count,exhibition hall,stadium ,entertainment lieu,etc.,where the prohibited articles need to be checked for safety.

● Six indepedent detection areas, high sensitivity. can detect the metal article as small as the clip.
● Adjustable area sensitivity                                                                                                                                           
● Accurate scanning speed, and steady sensitivity setting.
● Digital pulse technology have excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability.
● Complex circuit design,extra infrared devices can reduce false alarmand omissions effectively
● LED display panel can intelligently count the alarmtimes and numbers of passing through
● LED alarming Indicator on the two sides can showthe exact zone of the detected metal objects
● Alarm mode: sound-light alarm simultaneously
● Password protection function to avoid tampering
● Harmless to pregnant women,disks,video tapes etc
● Quality PVC material, well structured
● Easly assembly, easy operation

Power supply: 220V AC, 50/60Hz Power: < 35W
Through rate: more than 35 persons /minute
Signal Frequency:6-9khz(adjustable)
Operation Temperature:-10°C -50°C
Through rate: more than 60 persons / per minute.
Overall size: 2230 mm(height)*820 mm(width)* 630 mm(depth)
Tunnel size: 2000 mm(height) *700 mm(width)* 560 mm(depth)
Channel Size: 2000 mm(height) *700 mm(width) * 560 mm(depth)
Weight: 71kg,1pcs/2ctn