SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
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SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
  • SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
  • SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
  • SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector
  • SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector

SD-600F 24 detecting zones walk through metal detector

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SD-600F (24 Detecting zones LCD Touch Display) Walk Through Metal Detector
The high-performance security gate has the following advantages: high sensitivity of metal detection; strong anti-interference ability; multiple detection areas, each area can be set up independently; self-diagnostic procedures, power-on self-inspection, 7-inch large LCD touch screen; using high-strength materials, can fire, anti-corrosion, anti-seismic; real-time monitoring of background environmental interference.
A number of advanced features and functions:
v  Multi-defense zone technology: 24 detection defense zone, the sensitivity of each detection defense zone can be arbitrarily adjusted (with adaptive adjustment technology).
v  Touch screen technology: 7 inch HDMI touch LCD screen, easy to understand.
There is a lock (locked with key) transparent display and display keys
v  Super shell protection technology: IP55 has excellent protection performance.
v  Multi-group infrared: Infrared devices adopt multi-group free switching technology.
v  Infrared Start and Stop: It has infrared start and stop mode to prevent flying objects from alarming.
v  Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment settings. there are visual indicators on both sides of the metal locator. Indicators should be able to indicate an alarm zone indicator and / or indicator.
v  Detection technology: Uniform detection technology beyond imagination, no blind area.
v  Working frequency band: The working frequency can be manually or automatically converted.
v  Screen brightness: The background of alarm screen can be adjusted by brightness.
v  Sensitivity of detection defense zone: The maximum sensitivity of a single defense zone can reach 0-255 levels.
v  Alarm sound mode: The system has a variety of alarm sound alternative modes to adapt to different occasions.
v  Interference prompt: The security gate has the prompt of rapid background interference when it is on standby for normal operation.
v  Detection ability: 1 minute with more than 60-120 people passing the ability to detect.
v  Statistical data function: Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter can calculate the number of people passing and alarm times. (The system has PASS through and return dual data records, but also FAIL through and return dual data records)
v  Time display: with time and date adjustment.
v  Password protection: Only authorized person is allowed to operate.
v  Easy installation: Integrated design, only 10 minutes to complete the installation or disassembly, and then equipped with operating instructions.
v  No harm to human body: no harm to human heart pacemaker, pregnant women, tapes, videotapes, etc.
v  Alarm Volume: Volume Optional (Level 9 Volume)
v  Tone: A variety of alarm tones
v  Scene mode: With 60 kinds of place mode, it is convenient and fast to choose switching mode.
v  Location Indicator: Front Bilateral Location Alarm Indicator
v  Multi-location simultaneous detection and alarm function
With ability of establishing a connection via factory integrated RS-232 interfaces
Technical parameters:
v  Power supply: 220V/AC
v  Power: <30W
v  Shape size: 2210mm (high)*835mm (wide)*500mm (deep)
v  Channel size: 2000mm (high) * 715mm (wide) * 380mm (deep)
v  Working environment: - 20 - +70 Centi degree
v  Meet the standard: GB15210 "Through Metal Detection Door"
v  Packaging size: 2270*520*290mm
v  Total = 0.342 M3
v  Weight of the whole machine: about 50kg (gross weight)
Standard configuration:
v  Host Box: One Beam: Two Host Box Screws: Two Host Box Screws
v  Power Wire: One Screw: Eight Sets
v  Instructions: A copy (including certification and warranty)
Place of application:
v  Safety inspection of airports, customs, ports, stations and other places.
v  Safety inspection of prohibited metal articles such as courts, public security, prisons and detention centers.
v  Entrance inspection of important public places, such as important places, exhibition halls, exhibitions, trade and business gatherings, celebrations, stadiums and so on.
v  Hardware, electronics, jewelry, coinage and other important industrial and mining enterprises to prevent the loss of precious metals.
v  Casinos such as nightclubs, theatres, dance halls, song halls and bars should be protected from carrying metal objects.
v  Governments, banks, postal services, hospitals, public buildings, schools and private luxury houses should be prevented from carrying dangerous goods.
Inspection Standard Description:
v  Electrical appliances shall be executed in accordance with EN60950 Safety Standard
v  Radiation Reference EN50081-1 Standard
v  Anti-jamming refers to EB50082-1 standard
v  Strictly Implement Current Standards for Pass-through Metal Detector