Portable walk through metal detector SF-600
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Portable walk through metal detector SF-600
  • Portable walk through metal detector SF-600
  • Portable walk through metal detector SF-600

Portable walk through metal detector SF-600

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Quick Details

Multi Zone Very High Sensitivity Walk Through Metal Detector

  • Very high Sensitivity to all metals
  • Exceptional Immunity to environmental interferences
  • Compliant with the strictest detection standards
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Rapid Installation



Techinical parameters:
Outer frame : 2230(h) *970(w) *345mm(d)
Inner frame : 2000(h) *720(w) *280mm(d)
Working power: AC:110V-220V
Work envionment : -20°C— +65°C
Brief description and advantages:
Detecting zones: 6 zones
Complete waterproof, it is passed IP65 certification
Cylindrical and attractive design (owning appearance design patent)
Sensitivity from 0-99, total 100 levels.
Led display on the both sides
DSP and Microprocessor controlled
Light weight
Optional built in back-up battery
Sound and light alarm
Warranty :Limited12 months, parts and labor
One set gate should be packed in one carton:
Carton size:229*44*42CM
Total gross weight of one set: 45kgs
Details Feature:
1. The whole product is consisted of two parts: Left-right detecting gatepost+Mainframe.
2. Left-right detecting gate board is unified detecting coverage from its top to bottom;therefore, it is called a Sole position metal detecting gate.
3. As indicated by the picture, the left-right detecting gate board is formed up by unified mold, and each of other parts is utilizing waterproof designs, all these make the product reach the highest standards of waterproof and power leakage protection; it may work properly as normal even the whole device is thoroughly put into water.
4.The structure is in an exquisite design, with light weight and solid stand;therefor, the product can be assembled, disassembled or moved easily
5.Unique design of integrated circuits, which is stable in function, strong in anti-interference and free from mistakes in reporting
6. Has the function of password protection to prevent any hostile change of parameters by any unauthorized person
7. Has the function of Recover systematic parameters by one-key;when you make some mis-operations, you may recover all ex-work setting just by one key.
8. Has the function to adjust the audio tones, adapting to different usage environments
9. Information will be marked down on the front panel e.g. Number of persons passed-by, times of alarm, strength of interfering signals, etc.
10. Sensitivity can be adjusted in any degree within its scope;therefore,it can meet the customer's demand to reject the items e.g. Belt buckle, gold or silver jewelry, ect.
11. The products does no harmless to cardiac pacemaker in human body, hearing aid, pregnant woman and CD compact disc, etc.