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GPX4500F VLF Ground gold detector
Siginal Frequency: 12khz
detecting depth1; 1.5-3.5m
Power supply:DC12v(Built-in rechargeable battery)
Falcon rechargeable ground metal detector
Detection Depth: 1.5-3.5m
Signal Frequency:6.5 KHz
Audio Frequency:400 HZ
Power Supply:DC12V(Built-in rechargeable battery)
CS-3D underground metal detector
excellence in the design of the instrument, using high quality imported components.
15 inch waterproof search coils
15 inch waterproof search coils for SF-T2 model
1.Adopt advanced digital technology.
2.Detect distance:0.9-1.3m (it depend on the spec of the tag).
3.Material: Stainless Steel Tube,High intensity.
1.Frame:Stailness Steel.
2.Detect Distance:1.1-1.8m(it depend on the spec of the tag)
3.Material:Iron pipe coating,High intensity