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Gold hunter Pro pinpointing metal detector
* Speed target recovery
* Accurately find small objects
* Prevent digging large holes
MD300 hand held metal detector
Nice shape. and Simple and convenient to use.

Adjustable High/Low sensitivity.

Optional audio/vibration LED alarming.

Low cost
SF-V3 Under Vehicle search mirror
1.Lightweight with adjustable handle.
2.easy to operate.
3.LED Light,can use in night
Portable Digital walk through metal detector
Each model have the basic convert 6 zones to 12 zones or 18 zones(optional)
Very portable
TX-2003 Pinpointing metal detector
use for Treasure hunting, Unearthing small objects
ESH-10 hand held metal detector
Multifunctional Hand held Metal Detector ESH-10, is simple and easy to operate, which can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in human body, including knife, cutter, jewelry, electronic components and so on.