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VR8000 Long range gold detector
Max Detection: 5-50m
Detect Range: 100-1000m
Rechargeable Battery: Continuous working 48 hours
TS80 portable foldable metal detector
Portable Hand Held Security Metal Detector Scanner
hand held pinpointer metal detector TX2002
The Dual-Use Ultra High Sensitivity Pinpointer is a miniature version of a primary detector. It communicates through sound and lights, has 10cm waterproof detect pole
TS90 Security hand held super scanner
The TS90 Body Scanner Detects Metal Detector is a powerful easy-grip, hand-held, security screener.
KTY Pulse Induction metal detector
Pulse induction metal detector
5-10 m detecting depth
GFX7000 Pulse induction gold detector
Same function as GPX5000
MPS,DVT&SETA Technology
Frequency/Transmission:Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction